Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Here is what we know from the biopsy pathology results:

Invasive mammary carcinoma (ductal)
Estrogen receptor positive
Progesterone receptor positive
HER2 positive
Grade 2 (of 3)
Ki67 25% ( dr would prefer 10%)

What does all of this mean? Honestly, I barely know myself. We have been told that surgery is needed. I expect that I will elect to go with a partial mastectomy/lumpectomy since the doctor doesn't feel that having a modified radical mastectomy would make a difference. Because of the HER2 positive status, it will be necessary for them to use Herceptin for a total of 12 months. As I understand it, this is a weekly dose given through a port that will be placed in my chest surgically. Chemotherapy is also necessary and will take place for about 6 months. Most likely it will be a treatment every two or three weeks for about 5-6 hours and will also be given through this port. Once the chemo treatment is complete, they would like to also use radiation in order to be sure that the cancer cells are GONE and will not return. There are two possible options for radiation, although I am actually a little too young for the targeted version. We are hoping that the doctor can get approval for the more targeted treatment despite my age, but we will have to wait and see.

There are still a few things that will have to be decided once we get the pathology results once the surgery is done and they have removed the tumor. They will need to determine the actual size of the tumor and also be sure that they are able to get clear margins. They will also be removing a few of the lymph nodes to be sure that it hasn't metasticized.

I am just trying to get the technical information on here before I forget. I hope to have more personality inserted at some point but today I am feeling defeated and not so full of personality. Just you wait because I think I can get a little snarky, sometimes a little funny and potentially even obnoxious. We shall see what happens.



  1. You are not only gonna kick it's booty, but it's ass as well, girlfriend. Love you.