Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Whole New World (cue Ariel to sing please)

Today is a new day.  Monday was a BAD day.  My chemo nurse sent me a message later that evening reminding me not to let cancer take away my joy.  I heard what she was saying, but I was zapped.  I hit what felt like rock bottom Monday night and prayed that the new medicines and a night of rest would make a difference.
When I woke up Tuesday, I was still unsure about how I was feeling but I wanted to find the joy in the day.  I still felt like someone had pulled the "positive rug" right out from under me and I wasn't sure how to get it back.  But, miraculously, by Tuesday afternoon, I was beginning to feel like things were improving.  My sweet friend brought me a smoothie and visited with me.  And I was able to get in some rest before the kids and our amazing sitter and her awesome hubby came over to eat dinner at our house.  We had lasagna and spaghetti (two of my favorite comfort foods) and my medicine allowed me to be able to tolerate it and actually enjoy it.
Troy had a later work day, but once he was home, we all hung out together in the front yard, visited with neighbors who were out walking and it just felt normal again.  I wasn't ready to run a marathon, but I was outside and communicating with people and not in misery.  My body was finally giving me a break.
So today, I wanted to publish my not-so-happy post from Monday and then immediately follow it up with this one to tell you that I'm on the other side of that chemo #1 and beginning to get my "groove" back.

Today I found my joy again.  Nanny Barb and I took the kids to see a parade this morning and it was their first, so it was a memory that I was able to participate in despite cancer.  Pfffffttttttthhhh.  I refuse to let cancer win.  I am going to kick some cancer booty.  Just remind me of this little post next time I get to losing my umph.

Happy Fourth of July!  God bless America.  We are so lucky to live in this country and I'm thankful to all those who have served in the armed forces.


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