Sunday, August 5, 2012

Top 11 GOOD Things About Having Breast Cancer and Chemo

It sounds like a weird post, right?  But it's true that there are GOOD things about this breast cancer and, as I approach ROUND 3 of chemo, I wanted to spend a little time focusing on these good things:

11. I can run errands in the rain because I'm not worried about getting my hair wet.  The hats are definitely helpful, but it just doesn't seem to matter much at this point.  Glass half-full people!

10. I can shower at night now.  My hair has always been fine and it seemed that morning showers were better and helped me think I looked fresh for the day.  With little to no hair, this is not a concern.

9. I can dry my head/hair with a washcloth (rather than using two towels every day).

8.  I have a pretty good collection of washcloths.

7. I only have to shave my legs about every 4-5 days (or less), instead of daily.  Hey, I'm a South FL girl and I have ALWAYS shaved my legs every day.  We won't get into the bikini-prep, but let's just say that it is another silver lining of chemo. ;)  Not that I will be wearing a bikini.  Ever.

6. My hair care budget is almost non-existent.  No need to get haircuts and highlights for a while.  I use VERY little shampoo on my little baby-bird head and I just use the kids shampoo since it is mild and safe (no parabens, chemicals, etc).

5. My sister made my favorite version of potato salad for me during my last chemo week.  It's my mom's recipe and the only one I love.

4. I get to eat rice pudding, ice cream and yogurt for a week without feeling guilty.  They are the foods that don't bother my mouth and the change in my taste buds doesn't seem to have destroyed those pleasures for me.

3. We save money on meat because it just doesn't really taste very good to me these days.  Every so often I feel like a burger or a steak, but generally it's not on my menu.

2. I get to spend additional time with some amazing people because of chemo appointments or recovery time at home.  I've enjoyed the time with my sister and friends who are able to visit with me during the day.

1. Realizing that I am one of The. Most. Blessed. Women. In. The. World.

Seriously blessed people.  I mean it.  I can't thank my friends and family enough for supporting me and our family through this journey.

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